Siri and Alexa are farmers now!



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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a Matrix induced nightmare about robots taking over the world! If you raised your hand, you’re more similar to many of America’s farmers than you probably thought (unless you’re already a farmer).

Robots have been slowly taking over the world for decades though unfortunately, we still don’t have any droids like C-3PO and R2-D2 to help us in our endeavors to protect the galaxy. Instead, robotic technology has been moving its way into industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, military, and agriculture. 

You heard that right! Robots may become farmers in the very near future, and companies like CropX, Arable, and Agrowatcher are rapidly infiltrating the farming industry with their new technology. Each year, companies like these produce millions of products that farmers refuse to use because they can’t afford them, don’t know how to use them, or simply because they refuse to retire their 75 year old plow – a plight that is completely understandable! 

So, how can these companies work to manufacture tools that farmers actually can and want to use?

This is where understanding more about AgTech (agriculture technology) comes in!

AgTech focuses on technology-based businesses and improvements within the world of agriculture. Despite the improvements that various AgTech companies are making within the farming industry, many farmers lack the confidence to invest in companies that aim to usher positive changes into the farming industry; far too many companies are underfunded or producing mass amounts of unused products. The AgTech industry needs farmers to become more equipped and eager to get involved, allowing companies to have both the insight and funding to manufacture technology that can make farming more efficient and affordable. 

Take EarthSense for example: EarthSense develops tiny autonomous robots that help food crop breeders, scientists, and farm growers. It named its robot farmer TerraSentia (I doubt we’ll see this in upcoming baby name books). The little guy helps farmers quickly collect data from their fields, aiding in their ability to nurture their crops. I don’t even think R2-D2 could pull that off! 

Another one of the fastest-growing AgTech companies, Mootral, develops feed supplements for cattle. Its solutions are designed to reduce methane emissions from cows, goats, and sheep. The company claims that its solutions can result in a 38% reduction in emissions!

As farming evolves to meet our ever-increasing demands, make sure to keep an eye on other AgTech start-ups and investment opportunities..  Though AgTech wants to increase the amount of farmers who invest in these companies, there is still plenty of room for our non-farmer folk to invest in such a rapidly growing industry.





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If you happen to be a big fan of farming, then I’m sure you’ve already heard of GroGuru

If not, let me introduce you to a company that stands out in the $2.4 trillion global agricultural industry, with its strategic water management software that saves water while maximizing crop yield. With millions of people underfed and malnourished, GroGuru is working hard to make farming more sustainable and affordable to feed more people. Talk about a worthy cause!

And the timing is RIGHT for GroGuru and AgTech in general.  Macroeconomic events such as the war in Ukraine have increased anxieties related to food security.  Further, higher costs associated with farming inputs have led to increased expenses across the board.  For example, according to World Bank sources, fertilizer prices have risen nearly 30% since the start of 2022, following last year’s 80% surge

Although farmers have been traditionally resistant to changing time-honored farming practices, the combination of these factors may be what farmers need to become more open to adopting new technologies (like AgTech), such as those offered by GroGuru.  

Therefore, GroGuru is positioning itself to take advantage of the increasing willingness of farmers to embrace new technologies to improve their farming outcomes  – including increasing crop yields and, hence, profitability.  

If this has piqued your interest at all, I encourage you to check out everything the company is up to HERE to learn more about this amazing company attempting to both better the world and monetize this opportunity!

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