What’s on my 17-year old’s Christmas list?

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Latest News

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Hey Boardroom!

So YES Christmas is right around  the corner…and as I have three kids, my wife has to put some thought into what to get them – lol just kidding…

But this weekend she did ask them to send her a screenshot/link for any gift requests – and out of all three of them, she’s only received this:

And not from my business major college son but from my 17-year old (going on 50) – who says he’s not vibing with the college idea but does want to start his own business, somewhat to my chagrin!  But at $15.99 on Amazon I think we’ll splurge.

What does your shopping list look like?!?!  Maybe a little more exciting? 💥

As we covered in our last email, your shopping list might be quite long – as the outlook for retailers this season is BULLISH!

This is good news for our favorite consumer products startup – RYSE – and its flagship product, the SmartShade.

Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to make their homes “smarter” and RYSE continues to position its technologies to provide a cost-effective, robust automation solution for their shades.  Will this be a Merry Christmas for RYSE?  We hope so!

Online Reviews

But what do customers think about these SmartShades?  The product has been out long enough online and in retailers for us to get a sense of this. And as you know, online reviews is where it’s at!  

Pretty much any search would be remiss without first checking Amazon Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐, where we find positive news.  RYSE has surpassed a 4/5 star rating on Amazon.com, with 72% of all its ratings receiving a perfect 5/5 stars!

And beyond Amazon, RYSE has also been noticed by a number of technology reviewers and critics – including a popular YouTube review channel, NOBA TECH.  Click HERE or the image below to watch the YoutTube review.

(I love that he loves that these make his “dumb” shades “smart”)

Industry News

In large “macro” news for the wider Smart Home Sector, this continues to be a ripe field for acquisitions as Vivint Smart-Home was recently acquired by NRG Energy Inc. for a massive $2.8 billion.

Vivint Smart-Home is a smart home company with a portfolio of products including smart cameras, doorbells and locks. NRG Energy is an energy conglomerate and it acquired Vivint at a price of $12/share, reflecting about a 33% premium to the closing share price the day before!

As this shows, this industry appears to be consolidating – which makes RYSE a smart candidate for addition to any portfolio of smart-home company acquirers.

This has been something CEO Trung Pham has been steadily pointing to in his interviews with us (found on BoardroomInvesting.com) as well as in his communications to investors.

Interested in investing in RYSE?

The company is continuing to raise money in its current Series A Round, with over $2 million so far in private investment at this point. So if you’d like to learn more about how to be part of this company’s story, click on the link below!




As always, please see disclosures below.


Happy investing and best wishes Christmas shopping!


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