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by | Apr 26, 2023 | Boardroom Investing, Latest News

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I never thought of myself as someone who needed any mental wellness help, but over the past month or so I have been using the Aura app and I’ve noticed HUGE improvements in my sleep and stress levels. I can personally attest to the importance of mental health and I finally understand all these Spotify comparisons!

If you haven’t been following along on our journey with Aura Health, now is the time to tune in! 

Aura acts as a mental wellness marketplace where coaches and therapists create their own content for subscribers to utilize in their journey to a more peaceful life. 

I had the opportunity to interview CEO and CoFounder Steve Lee for the second time yesterday and we had a great chat about how their first round of public investment is going. 

If you missed the interview for any reason, tune in HERE:

The work these brothers have already accomplished is INCREDIBLE and their work is even more special when you hear about how their mother’s mental health struggles inspired them to create their app that is now helping MILLIONS of people improve their mental health. 

You can hear more about their story and the trajectory of the company by watching the WHOLE interview, or you can read my SHORT-CUT version here: 

👉 Depression is now the #1 source of disability worldwide (minute mark). Companies can use Aura to improve company culture and employee wellbeing. AKA the market for this app is MASSIVE!!

👉 60% of Aura’s advertising comes from word of mouth. This means that their customer base is highly satisfied with the product (and they make a higher profit saving money on marketing 😉).

👉 In this round of investments, Aura is aiming for the lowest possible valuation ($60M) to increase the return on your investment. Their $5M goal has already been hit, but you can still join in on this amazing opportunity! 

With 7M+ users already (including me🙋), Aura is making a massive impact in the mental wellness industry. I can personally speak to the benefits of this app on my mental health, and my favorite things about it might be the sheer quantity of resources available for me to explore. It really does feel like scrolling through Spotify for the perfect song!

No pressure or anything, but this round of investing closes on APRIL 28th! That leaves only 3 MORE DAYS to get on board and become part of the positive impact Aura Health is making.

I repeat… 3 MORE DAYS!!!

🔥More details can be found HERE if you’re interested in joining Steve’s mission to transforming the world of wellness.🔥

Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in Aura’s first public round alongside some of Silicon Valley’s leading investors including the founders of Spotify, Apple, Facebook and Twitter. 😱





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