Shameless shout-out to ourselves

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Boardroom Investing, Latest News


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Hey, Boardroom – What’s the hottest deal in the crowdfunding world right now?  


You gotta say it’s Rentberry.


Its CEO recently emailed investors to say, “Rentberry raised $25M+ in funds to date of which $12M+ was raised on StartEngine from almost 8,000 investors.”


How many other current companies can you think of that have raised this much from so many investors?  I am drawing a blank as well.


While we’re super proud of Rentberry and their accomplishments so far, I need to give our team at Boardroom a little “pat on the back” as well. 


You see, we were one of the first groups to spot this emerging company all the way back in Summer 2020.  We loved it so much that we collectively put in $100,000 of our own money into the company back when it was a measly $9M valuation (check out the screenshot from the offering at that time).




Now, fast forward to today and check out what their current funding round looks like.  That’s a nice jump to a $25M valuation with way more investors.



I say all of this to make a statement.  While we may not bring a lot of new ideas to our members, we have found some incredible companies in the past. 


I’m proud of the work we have put in to locate what we think are the BEST deals out there and I am stoked about bringing more new ones your way in the future!


So stay tuned for more opportunities like these…and if you think your company might be the next Rentberry,  send us a Partnership Request HERE!


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P.S. Another well-deserved Shout-Out to the Far Side FB group, posted by Dan Keesic