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Happy Friday! 🍻

Today we are pairing a company that is in a current Raise with a past investment we featured in Boardroom – read on to see what they have in common (hint: if there was an Ancestry for business this one would be a DNA match 🧬)!

Our current company RAD AI – in a nutshell – uses artificial intelligence to remove bias in marketing and create more authentic marketing content that effectively resonates with a target audience. 

According to our recent INTERVIEW with RAD’s CEO, marketing is infused with biases – RAD uses AI to eliminate those biases – which often uncovers marketing strategies for clients that may have been missed or not even remotely considered.

RAD AI has case study upon case study showing their agility in using AI to increase performance outcomes – and has just released results from its newest case study on the work it’s doing in its most active industry – healthcare.

This healthcare study compared 6 months of clients’ historical performance – comprising 10.1M impressions on their main digital channels – against RAD’s AI-informed content.  So what were the results of this really in-depth study?

Before RAD, 181k total engagements were recorded with the engagement rate average (such as page views, etc.) of 3.2%…let that sink in…a 3.2% engagement rate BEFORE RAD.  

In comparison, RAD AI delivered 4.6M impressions on these same social channels over a 60-day window.  456k AI-informed engagements were recorded, resulting in an engagement rate average of 9.8%…

***To reiterate…that is a 9.8% engagement rate WITH RAD…let THAT sink in!***

I’m no PhD but I think this is a highly significant difference!!! 🤔

Results like this show the effectiveness of RAD’s technology and how it is able to produce greater ROI for its clients on their marketing spends.  

And not only this one case study – on average, RAD’s customers see a 4 times increase in content volume for their allocated budget, and experience a 250% performance increase across every digital marketing channel. 

So what does RAD AI have in common with one of our earliest investments in the Boardroom – ThisWay® Global?  A lot!

ThisWay is also working hard to eliminate bias with AI – but in the hiring process not the marketing process.

To back up…Founder Angela Hood struggled with bias in the hiring process as she stepped out to be a female engineer in a male-dominated industry – which ultimately led to the creation of ThisWay.  

ThisWay uses AI technology to help recruiters find talented, diverse applicants by removing 500 biases from the candidate matching process. In seconds, its platform matches all candidates to all jobs and ranks applicants according to the best fit.

When Angela entered the Boardroom, ThisWay was at a $19.5M valuation (and was where we invested $100k). It now sits at a $50M valuation. ThisWay was accepted by Google Accelerator and just recently announced a massive partnership with IBM.  One thing for us here at Boardroom, we are NOT biased on how bullish we are on ThisWay. 

Does RAD have the potential like ThisWay to more than DOUBLE in value?  Well we don’t have a crystal ball but we do know the company is making some key strategic hires (which we will cover soon) – and hiring BIG TALENT is a key business health indicator!

So if you have some time, take a moment to learn more about this company HERE or listen to our most recent Boardroom Investing Interview with RAD AI.

In full transparency, the Boardroom has already made an investment in RAD AI, but the dollars continue to pour in at a steady rate – currently around $1.95 million raised  from over 1900 investors!

And there is still time for individual investors to invest in this Round – for complete details of this opportunity and how one might become a shareholder, check it out HERE.

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