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April 23, 2022

Let’s face it, the hiring process and talent scouting methods are outdated and ineffective.

Like many traditional practices, hiring and recruitment is in need of a dramatic overhaul. A perfect example of where we can leverage our technology to improve the efficiency of traditional practices is Artificial Intelligence, and the hiring process.

Times are changing, any CEO or enterprise company that isn’t eliminating bias from hiring processes are going to be left behind.

The potential of AI and machine learning technology cannot be overstated. AI has the ability to be the single most important transformative technology that enables our species to live in the age of perpetual abundance, as Elon Musk would say.

The AI market is projected to grow from USD 387.45 billion in 2022 to USD 1.39 trillion by 2029. That’s nothing to scoff at…

A major impact of this emerging technology is within the labor and hiring force. Thisway Global could be a key component in AI’s emerging market’s growth.

The Great Resignation, Could ThisWay Global be the Solution?

More people have left their current jobs since COVID-19 than anytime in recorded history. Could it be due the ineffective hiring practices? Lets look at what the World Economic Forums has to say about it…

“Companies now have to navigate the ripple effects of the pandemic and re-evaluate how to retain talent.”- WEF, 2021

More than ever talent AND retention is needed, specifically in the technology and healthcare fields. There is likely a shortcoming within the hiring practices that motivated vast amounts of employees to resign in the first place.

Let’s take a look at another AI application to fully understand the importance of this technology…

Google’s AI software developed to assist radiologists in screening for lung cancer is now more effective and accurate than a radiologist with years of experience. It uses the same general methodology of ThisWay Global as well, machine learning, to constantly increase the effectiveness of this AI. Google’s AI software has picked 11% fewer false positives and 5% fewer false negatives than an experienced radiologist!

That’s Incredible

If AI can outperform an experienced radiologist, surely it can aid in the talent retention and recruitment processes for enterprises business…

ThisWay Global and IBM Partnerships

Recently Thisway Global has partnered with IBM, a company valued at 112 billion USD. Thisway Global is planning to use IBM’s AI-powered automation software to help increase Thisway Global’s enterprise ease of adoption. Providing scalable integration and quickly matching employers to candidates from diverse communities of qualified applicants.

A partnership with IBM holds a lot of value for ThisWay Global. IBM products and software can be found in almost every country on Earth, leading ThisWay Global to have quite the extensive market impact on potential enterprise businesses that will want to accelerate their hiring practices. With a partnership with one of the world’s largest technology infrastructure providers on the planet, ThisWay Global could scale and grow with ease.

Check out ThisWay Global and how to invest here!

There’s not much time left, spaces are filling up quickly!

Check this article out from Bloomberg, which Thisway Global was recently featured in.

The potential for ThisWay Global’s technology to revolutionize hiring practices cannot go unnoticed…

Google, a company so ingrained into our lives that it has become a verb, has also noticed ThisWay Global. They’re a Google accelerated company, meaning that Google has personally worked with them in leveraging their AI and machine learning capabilities.

Google provides ThisWay Global with professional services including strategic planning, easily accessible experts, technical project partnerships, mentoring from Google teams, equity free support, training, and much more.

To summarize, Google has taken a personal interest in ThisWay Global and the potential this company has to revolutionize traditional hiring practices.

ThisWay Global’s recruitment process automation (RPA) platform -Ai4JOBS- is a powerful tool for sourcing candidates and finding the best match for each candidate. It is a software as a service (SaaS) that enables any organization to seamlessly integrate with their services enabling diverse applications and candidates from more than 8,500 online diversity communities.

Every applicant is matched instantaneously based on their skills and qualifications with all open positions within an organization to find the optimal candidate for each role.

ThisWay Global’s -Ai4JOBS- platform cominends advanced machine learning and software security methods to constantly improve their candidate sourcing methodologies. Becoming more effective and efficient overtime.  

ThisWay Global is using IBM’s App Connect Enterprise to support a wide variety of integrations needed across multiple needs of modern enterprises. By utilizing IBM’s App Connect Enterprise, ThisWay Global delivers an automated approach to integration reducing business complexity and expediting the hiring processes. 

These hiring practices are very outdated and time-consuming. Not only for the Human Resource department of enterprises business but for the talent that is seeking employment. This could greatly reduce the business costs of many major companies.

ThisWay Global fills a key void within enterprise adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Founded by Angela Hood at the University of Cambridge, ThisWay Global is a VC-backed, Google Accelerated HR tech industry leader. They’re truly pioneering the next generation of hiring practices for enterprise businesses.

The time is now to be involved in this truly transformative technology application!

To learn more about ThisWay Global check out their site here.

This opportunity is not going to be around for long, to truly seize the potential of this emerging technology, do your research and due-diligence, and see if the investment fits your goals.

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