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by | Mar 30, 2023 | Boardroom Investing, Latest News

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We are SUPER BUSY this month as we have three of our partners closing out their raises at the end of April – so please be prepared to hear a lot from us and PLEASE set aside some time to consider if any of these investments might be up your alley.


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With that being said, I do want to circle back to our most famous and familiar partner – Mr. Jeremy Barnett, CEO and Founder of RAD AI.  As RAD moves towards the close of their funding round at the end of April (YES THE END OF APRIL), the PRESS is continuing to pick up RAD AI news.


Rad featured in


Not surprising that the Press is a big RAD fan as the AI market is totally ON FIRE lately and I literally cannot go without a day hearing the name “Chat GPT3.”


Can you?


For example, RAD was featured in even more press last week alongside some huge players including Chat GPT3 as well as Boring Company and SpaceX for their innovative technology.


RAD standing shoulder to shoulder with these Big Dogs – I LOVE it!   


Specifically, we’ve seen press overviewing how top venture capitalists have been pivoting their sights from crypto to AI, with AI companies accounting for 21% of Global VC’s 2020 investments.


And yes our buddy RAD was mentioned right alongside them…


The press has also touched on Elon Musk’s plans for incorporating his own town, and mentions that thanks to the changing of federal laws, any investor has the opportunity to invest in game-changing companies like SpaceX or RAD AI.


So it’s been wonderful to see RAD’s name next to some of the largest companies on the planet (mad props to them!).


And remember this industry is still incredibly EARLY as the future of AI looks bright and RAD looks super well-positioned to capitalize on this timely opportunity with its innovative technology – but back to the word EARLY…


It is actually getting LATE to invest in this round for RAD —  the AI company that boasts understanding EMOTION.  Here is a snapshot of their current raise (particularly note how over 3k investors have already jumped in at this stage):


invested so far



And there is still time for you to throw your hat in the ring, but time is coming to a close.  So please do you due diligence HERE and see if RAD is worth your investment.


As I’ve shared before, I’ve already invested in RAD, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our favorite Big Dog in this industry!


To your success,

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