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Hey Boardroom Members,

If you have the future squarely in your sights and your interests are piqued by investing in innovation, then you’ll want to stick with me.

The most dedicated of Boardroom members (I’m talking about YOU) will remember our recent investigation into RYSE and its premier product, SmartShades.

The company is poised to take full advantage of the impressive growth happening in the smart home sector right now. What draws me to RYSE is that they have recognized that this is their moment and are hungry to seize it.

It’s one thing to patent a fancy doodad with no use case, but it’s another to create a product that not only offers something new but precisely offers a solution to competitors’ shortcomings. Naturally, the folks at RYSE are in that second camp. 

Many smart-shade products require costly and time-consuming refitting; even low-cost alternatives are frequently incompatible with pre-fitted shades. That’s a HUGE PAIN for the average consumer who just wants to slap a device on what they already own (can you blame them?).

The folks at RYSE recognize this – and that’s why they have designed a product that can be retrofitted on existing shades, saving time and money.

The buck 💵 (quite literally) does not stop there as SmartShades can be programmed to open and close at optimal times, saving on heating and lighting costs – slashing those bills by 24% and 74%, respectively!

Beyond the convenience and energy/money savings offered by SmartShades, what else makes  RYSE an appealing investment opportunity?

First, RYSE has already accrued $5M in lifetime revenues, with 35K+ units sold so far. That number is only going up as the Canadian government has recognized the energy-saving potential of RYSE’s tech, awarding them a $4M CAD grant to automate shades in commercial buildings.

Second, the company has ambitious plans to own the WHOLE CATEGORY of automated window coverings – as can be seen below:

Further, it currently holds 5 PATENTS for its technology, with 3 more pending. This means its IP is well-protected, and competitors can’t steal its thunder.

Finally, RYSE posits that the market for automated shades is still in its infancy, with less than 8% of shades in the US being automated. That means it has the opportunity to corner the other 92%. With plans to expand the product line to service multiple types of blinds, it really could become to SmartShades what Ring became for doorbells!

The current raise is Series A, meaning the door is wide open to investors, both retail and accredited. If any of this sounds like something that grabs your attention, I encourage you to check out RYSE for yourself HERE and see if it’s compatible with your interests!

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