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by | Jun 16, 2023 | Boardroom Investing, Latest News

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By now you’re well aware that I like to keep my eye on the cutting edge and at this exciting moment in time, that means staying on top of AI technology. What seemed like science fiction even a year ago is already here and AI is poised to disrupt sectors from entertainment, to logistics and marketing. Those aren’t the only markets preparing to transform, which brings us to today’s focus.

Jurny is a compelling new platform designed to provide short-term rental operators with a ‘one-stop’ solution to up their game and take their business to the next level (powered by AI of course). 

Their services include (but are not limited to) seamless integration with Airbnb, a Property Management System (PMS) designed to automate short-term stays and a slick guest app to facilitate the perfect getaway. 

Below is a brief glimpse of Jurny’s Property Management System, which allows operators to control their business entirely remotely.

All these systems will make operations a breeze, increasing efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and most importantly…providing business owners with the bandwidth to focus on what really matters. With so many services integrated into its platform…

Jurny is in a position to flip the hospitality industry on its head.

Jurny Co-Founder, Luca Zambello


What matters to me is that Jurny’s leadership are no slouches, boasting years of experience in the short-term rental world. For example, Co-Founder Luca Zambello and Co. managed over 300 units, spanning 6 major cities across the country. 

Being knee-deep in the industry made them aware of the inefficiencies in hospitality, but more importantly, it inspired them to seek solutions. 

Thus, Jurny was formed in 2019, well before the AI hype train started its engine. With such expert foresight, it’s no wonder that Jurny is already in a unique position to capitalize on this moment.

Don’t just take my word for it though, Jurny has already proven its worth to a number of backers. 

Since its beginning, they’ve raised $12M and have venture-backing from firms including Mucker Capital, Vitalize VC, SaaS Ventures, and Singularity Capital. All of this is only a fraction of what makes Jurny such a unique opportunity – check out these additional highlights:

And now…let me share with you the most exciting thing to hit my desk in a long time – we have been invited to participate in Jurny’s Early Bird Investing Round

Now…why do I find this so exciting?

This exclusive offer extended to us means that anyone that invests now will get a twenty percent discount on shares until the next Round.  

Everyone else will be investing at a $20 million valuation after this Round – which ends in less than 29 days (please note the timer above is actually counting DOWN the time left to invest in this Round)

In other words, in this Friends Round you would be investing at a discounted $16 million valuation!

There are also other special perks depending on investment level → see Special Perks here 🎁.

We haven’t seen this type of opportunity extended to the Boardroom before, so this is a unique chance to invest in what we think is a great company at a price that will not be available after the next (less than) 29 days.  

For all the investing details, visit the company’s website as well as WeFunder page to do your due diligence and see if Jurny has a place in your portfolio, and…

Stay tuned to the Boardroom because this Jurny is only just beginning!


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