If One Italian Man Hadn’t Insulted Another…

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In the Founder Focus series I’ve tried to bring you an eclectic bunch of stories of people who founded companies in all sorts of industries.  Often these stories center around finding new ways to solve a problem, building a better mousetrap, or creating a new market.  Today’s story is a bit different, as it involves a well-known company that was started as an angry response to a perceived slight.  Drumroll, please…

Lamborghini is who I’m talking about…Yes, the well-known manufacturer of exotic supercars which is currently part of Audi AG, a subsidiary of Volkswagen.  

The company actually began as a maker of tractors by a Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1947, and was solely an agricultural equipment maker until 1963 when (legend has it) Mr. Lamborghini had a fateful meeting with a man named Enzo Ferrari.  Lamborghini (the man) met with Ferrari (the man) to complain about the clutch in his Ferrari (the car) which he perceived to be of substandard quality.  Mr. Ferrari brushed off the complaint and seemed to insinuate that any issues were caused by the driver rather than the vehicle components.  To say Mr. Lamborghini took umbrage with this retort would be an understatement.

Ferruccio Lamborghini stripped his car down and discovered that the Ferrari’s transmission was very similar to the ones in Lamborghini’s tractors so naturally he decided to start making grand touring cars to beat Enzo Ferrari at his own game.  The following year the 350GT was unveiled to the world, which provided the capital for the first Lamborghini sports car, the iconic Miura.  


Today Ferrari’s stallion and Lamborghini’s bull are the two most famous pillars of the Italian sports car industry, and it’s wild to think that we children of the 1980s and 1990s would never have had those posters of the Countach on our bedroom walls if one Italian man hadn’t insulted another!


This story is a reminder that inspiration for a great company can come from anywhere, even from holding a grudge.

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While I don’t think the company was started due to an insult from one of the Toll Brothers (but one never knows!!!), it is clear Boxabl CEO Paulo Tiramani is laser-focused on providing a solution to a real and growing problem, namely the lack of affordable housing.  This comes through the company’s invention of a factory-produced, scalable and super affordable (around $50k)  home – the Casita.   

The Boxable Casita is a 19 x 19 floor plan house with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living space that folds up small enough to be delivered on a flatbed truck to homeowners in just about any conceivable location.  Casitas can be stacked on top of each other to create two and three story houses as well!  And not only affordable, according to the company’s landing page, the house is delivered to you and unpacks in an hour!  (It might take ME two, however!)…

To really understand some of the major implications of this company and the positive effects it can have on society, please see Mr. Tiramani’s YouTube interview with former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson ​​here.

But I wanted to point out one of the top comments on this video which seems to summarize the company’s heart, “ It is so sad to see people struggling to afford a normal life here in the USA. I think Boxabl is going to lift a lot of Americans out of poverty and help them with the crazy housing crisis especially in big cities.”

In sum, this innovative company has developed an actual solution to a major problem facing society and is attempting to make a massively positive difference in this world.  Fans of the company even include a certain Rocketman!  

If you’re interested in learning more about this company, you can check out its current Regulation A investment offering here and accredited investor offering here The Reg A offering is open to all investors for a minimum of $1,000, and shares are currently being offered at $0.80 each.  Since 2020 Boxabl has raised over $100 million from more than 15,000 investors and the company is ready to level up its operations.

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