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by | May 30, 2023 | Boardroom Investing, Latest News

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We’re on the cusp of summer with Memorial Day weekend and if you’re anything like me, you fell quite short of where you wanted to be for the neighborhood pool opening.  But…here’s to the summer 😎, may the beers be cold and the grills be hot (insert Bud Light joke here).

Now onto more serious matters…

Over the past couple of months we’ve been featuring KingsCrowd in the Boardroom.  KingsCrowd solves the problem that individual investors traditionally have when it comes to startup and private market investing, namely the lack of access to quality information.

In previous emails we’ve told you about the KingsCrowd research capabilities, how the platform aggregates and synthesizes data from numerous sources and lays it out in an intuitive, user-friendly way.  We presented a case study on how to quickly mine the data based on a few metrics to get an actionable research list of startup companies.  We also touched on how KingsCrowd applies a proprietary rating system to rank the companies in its universe to help investors find the seedlings that are most likely to grow into tomorrow’s oaks.

Today I want to go deeper on another aspect of KingsCrowd’s business model, one that lets you borrow the brainpower of CEO Chris Lustrino and his team in the form of their investment fund.  

The fund, which at this time is open to accredited investors and invests in 100 startups that the KingsCrowd team has rated the BEST of the bunch, giving you a diversified portfolio of promising startups in one shot.  

The initial $10 million fund has a 10-year term and is limited to 250 accredited investors. The investments are broken down into three buckets: seed stage companies at 30% of the portfolio, early stage companies consisting of 40% of the fund, and 30% follow on investments to double down on winners.  

Even though KingsCrowd gives you the tools to research startups and private companies on your own, for those inclined to outsource this portion of their investments, the KingsCrowd VC fund looks like an excellent option to get broad access to the private markets.

The fund offers access to private markets including crowdfunding, online secondaries, Reg A+ offerings, and Reg D offerings.  It’s the first quant fund in the private market space, which KingsCrowd estimates was $30 billion in 2020 and they expect to grow to $13 trillion in the next 10 years.  

This is a serious first mover advantage, like Henry Ford versus a horse and carriage type advantage.  

At the bottom of the fund’s homepage there is a great video that breaks it all down, check it out here.

And to get even more insights on the private investment markets from Chris and his team, check out the fund’s blog where they cover the macroeconomic landscape as well as tech trends investors need to be aware of such as AI and its role in venture investing.

To sum up the ways you can leverage KingsCrowd’s game changing platform for your own portfolio:

  1. You can use the platform to research private market opportunities and built watchlists to track performance
  2. You can become one of the 250 investors in the KingsCrowd fund of 100 highly rated startups
  3. You can buy into KingsCrowd itself as an investor

If you didn’t know already,  KingsCrowd is conducting a Reg A offering process with shares currently priced at $1.00 each and a minimum investment of $1,000.  Check out the offering here.

This is truly the only game in town when it comes to the private investing space, with multiple avenues to pursue the potentially outsized returns possible.  Finally investors have a way to access previously hard to find information in a single, easy to use platform.  Michael Bloomberg did something similar decades ago with public market information, and it seems to have turned out alright for him!

So I encourage you to check all the details out HERE while this offering is still open.

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