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As you know about Boardroom, we’re not afraid to call a spade a spade…and we’re all about companies that solve ACTUAL problems.  

And what is a bigger problem than having to put your shades up and down by yourself every…single…day?

Every. Flippin. Time.

We’ve all been there, including RYSE founder – Trung Pham – which led to the creation of SmartShades.

The story goes something like this:  Trung had installed a set of floor-to-ceiling 9’ by 9’ roller shades when he moved into his new apartment – ones that were controlled by beaded chains

It was not long after that Trung found himself wishing he had automated shades.  

He ended up going back to the same retailer he had purchased his roller shades from and asked to buy a motor that he could install himself on his existing shades 🕶️.

And that’s when he learned that once you buy manually controlled window shades, it was impossible to motorize them – he would have had to replace them with brand new motorized shades, which were quoted at over $1,500 per window 💸💸💸

That’s when Trung had his AHA moment! He envisioned a simple DIY mechanism that would act like a pulley to control the shades’ chains or cords. It would be the first ever retrofit or after-market device to motorize any window shade, regardless of size or weight.  

And of course, it had to be SMART — controllable through a smart device or with one’s voice, and with the ability to set schedules and routines.

And wouldn’t you know it, this type of smart device has more benefits than helping you keep your sanity when dealing with your shades?  

It offers something that not only the Green Industry loves, but your wallet as well 💰…

We’re talking about lowering your energy bill on two fronts…According to RYSE, automated shades enable property owners to save up to 24% in cooling energy use and up to o 74% in lighting energy use!

SmartShades does this by automatically lowering shades when your space gets too hot and sunny ☀️from direct sun (aka “solar heat gain”). 

While the company originally envisioned selling SmartShades primarily to households, commercial buildings began reaching out to RYSE for a simple solution to automate shades.  

And this was not only for solar heat gain management, but also for something known as “daylighting” or “daylight harvesting” during overcast weather.  

This was a fancier way of saying they wanted more natural lighting to illuminate their office space… and Increasing natural light can also improve employee productivity and morale by providing better views – Win/Win 🏆🏆🏆!

Companies like RYSE that provide a green energy solution at an affordable price are exactly the type of opportunity I look for in my early stage investments, and I’m happy to share this company with Boardroom members. 

So if this company excites you, RYSE is currently offering investors an opportunity to take part in a pre-IPO offering at $1.00 per share.  For more information and all the company has to offer, check them out HERE.

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