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Want to invest in the next big brand name in your home and get in on the ground floor of an innovative technology company?

Meet RYSE.

RYSE is the first retrofit solution to motorize and automate installed window blinds and shades, all controlled by a smartphone app.  These devices represent an affordable way to modernize your home, increase convenience and save energy costs – especially compared to replacing your existing window coverings.  

The company’s vision is to OWN the “Smart Shade” space. Its driving goal is for RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell or Roomba is to the automated vacuum.

RYSE will be developing additional products in the coming years to dominate the smart window covering category – including SmartDrapes, SmartBlinds and RYSE Cordless – the latter will be especially attractive to families with young children for safety reasons. 

There are NOT many big opportunities left in home automation – an exploding industry with huge growth potential!

Here is a great visual of its core product – SmartShades – in action:

The company’s vision is to OWN the “Smart Shade” space. Its driving goal is for RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell or Roomba is to the automated vacuum.

RYSE will be developing additional products in the coming years to dominate the smart window covering category – including SmartDrapes, SmartBlinds and RYSE Cordless – the latter will be especially attractive to families with young children for safety reasons.  

If investing in this company excites you, please read on or click HERE for more details!

Let’s Dive Into RYSE’s Beginnings

RYSE’s current product SmartShade was developed in response to a problem many people have. 

RYSE Founder, Trung Pham, had installed a set of floor-to-ceiling 9’ by 9’ roller shades when he moved into his new apartment – ones that were controlled by beaded chains

It was not long after that Trung found himself wishing he had automated shades.  

Something like this, I’m imagining… ⬇️

Well maybe that is a bit far from Trung’s reality but nevertheless he ended up going back to the same retailer he had purchased his roller shades from and asked to buy a motor that he could install himself on his existing shades.

And that’s when he learned that once you buy manually controlled window shades, it was impossible to motorize them – he would have had to replace them with brand new motorized shades, which were quoted at over $1,500 per window!

That’s when Trung had his AHA moment! He envisioned a simple DIY mechanism that would act like a pulley to control the shades’ chains or cords. It would be the first ever retrofit or after-market device to motorize any window shade, regardless of size or weight.  

And of course, it had to be SMART — controllable through a smart device or with one’s voice, and with the ability to set schedules and routines.

The Green Industry Loves Smart Shades

And wouldn’t you know it, this type of smart device has more benefits than helping you keep your sanity when dealing with your shades?  

It offers something that not only the Green Industry loves, but your wallet as well…

We’re talking about lowering your energy bill on two fronts – saving energy spent on cooling as well as on lighting. 

According to the company, automated shades enable property owners (not just homeowners but businesses, too) to save up to 24% in cooling energy use.  

SmartShades does this by automatically lowering shades when your space gets too hot and sunny from direct sun (aka “solar heat gain”). 

And per the company, the Department of Energy (DOE) reports that lowering your shades can reduce heat gain by about 45%, which thereby reduces energy spent on cooling. Blocking this “solar radiation” can make people feel 10-15 degrees (F) cooler, thus reducing the amount spent on air conditioning.  

SmartShades could also save property owners up to 74% in lighting energy use, too. 

While the company originally envisioned selling SmartShades primarily to households, commercial buildings began reaching out to RYSE for a simple solution to automate shades.  And this was not only for solar heat gain management, but also for something known as “daylighting” or “daylight harvesting” during overcast weather.  This was a fancier way of saying they wanted more natural lighting to illuminate their office space. 

By reducing a building’s reliance on artificial indoor lighting, the building could save up to 74% in lighting energy use, as well as improve employee productivity and morale by providing better views.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

And this energy benefit was something they seemed to stumble on, with Trung admitting in their story that they didn’t realize how impactful automated shades were to the environment.

Dragon’s Den Feature

Another notable part of RYSE’s story was Trung’s appearance in 2018 on the Canadian version of Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, to seek investment in his company. 

This Dragon’s Den video shows the well-comported Trung Pham entering the Den to ask for a whopping $400,000 for a measly 3.5% of his company.  At the time his company was called AXIS – and its offering was named Gear – the first generation version of SmartShades.  

And of course the Dragons scoffed at first…but as the back and forth continued, two sets of sharks (one single and one composed of a pair of Dragons) saw the potential of this product and began competing over it.  The winning Dragon(s) was the pair…who offered Trung full asking price for 3.5% of his company – exactly what he was seeking.

So what did these Dragons see in Trung and his company that made them fight over such a small percentage for full asking price?  That’s what we will turn to in the following section.  

Why Investors are Bullish on RYSE:

There is not just one but a host of reasons why investors have been Bullish on RYSE.  We will break down several of these main reasons in the following section.

Proven demand of SmartShades:   So far the company has over $5 million in lifetime revenues with over 35,000 units sold to residential and commercial customers.  

As stated previously, the  commercial industry represents a huge opportunity for RYSE, as installing its SmartShade system can help significantly reduce energy costs. To this effect, RYSE was awarded a CAD $4 million cleantech grant to expand to commercial buildings.

This has resulted in commercial partnerships with the $45 billion real estate developer QuadReal and Annex Hotel. The company has also signed agreements with Bed Bath & Beyond, and has sales to luxury real estate developers such as Presidio Bay.

Here is a screenshot from the Annex Hotel, which is incorporating Ryse SmartShades in its five high-tech boutique hotels (piloted) across Canada.

Besides the Annex Hotel, other commercial clients include the Eureka Hub (pilot) and Avery Hotel (completed).  Regarding the latter, in 2019 RYSE partnered with the Avery – a 56-story residential tower in San Francisco – to deploy its first generation SmartShades across 100 units in the building to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.  You can see the process unfold in this video.

Powerful patents and Intellectual Property:  The company currently has five patents with three patents pending, which serve to lock in RYSE’s position in the growing market.

This suite of incredible patents has allowed RYSE to sell on Amazon without any competition. Specifically, the company has received an Amazon Court Order which allows them to remove these copy-cat sellers quickly, and has so far been able to successfully remove them on a continual basis. .  

According to the company, “We are the actual inventors of this concept – retrofit shade automation devices. Our patents are extremely strong – enough for us to successfully remove all copycats off of Amazon. We conduct monthly reviews of potential knock-offs on Amazon.com and file an “IP Violation” complaint with Amazon directly through our Brand Registry.”

High growth industry:  According to the company, the Smart Home industry is expected to grow at an impressive CAGR of 7.5%, growing from $158 billion in 2018 to $262 billion by 2025!  

And less than 8% of new window shade purchases are motorized due to high cost and lack of retrofits. RYSE has the potential to automate the other 92% of shades already installed in buildings and homes – that’s a lot of shades!

And the Smart Shades category is experiencing an explosive growth rate of over 55% annually. This market is still in its infancy, and is expected to grow to a staggering $1.47 billion by 2024, with over 80% of this growth being attributed to retrofits and replacements – RYSE’s core strength.

Not only this, but the industry has seen some spectacular exits, with big tech giants acquiring many start-ups resulting in large payouts for investors, including:

Incredible historical returns and well-known investors:  Because of this company’s potential, early investors in RYSE have already seen their shares grow over 10 times since 2015.

Yes…we said 10 times over!!!

Therefore, it’s no surprise that (besides Dragon’s Den) the company has attracted some big name investors, including Jeffery Potvin of  Supporters Fund and Louis Dellosa of Cogito Capital.  

Mr. Dellosa was attracted to the ease of use of RYSE’s product, saying, “What we liked about RYSE is that it was a technology that was designed and built in such a way that it could easily integrate in many different places with little customization.”

Mr. Potvin was keen on the company’s buyout potential, stating, “The big opportunity with RYSE really drives down to the market opportunity. They really understand this space, and that’s going to allow them to win and allow them to attract a really good suitor.”

Another notable investor in RYSE is professional magician, Daniel Chan.  Business Insider recently published an article on Daniel Chan and his investments, stating:

Daniel is a successful investor and big proponent of Warren Buffet’s tried and true method of buying what you know, and his portfolio reflects that. He has earned a 258% return over the last five years –outperforming the S&P 500 by more than 100%. [..]

More recently he’s invested in a series of companies on WeFunder and StartEngine, one of them being RYSE. He cites “a big moat and barriers to entry” as motivations behind some of his startup investments, and we are grateful for his decision to add RYSE to his out-performing portfolio of investments.


There are NOT many big opportunities left in home automation – an exploding industry with huge growth potential! 

However, RYSE has invented one of the last missing pieces in the smart home – the SmartShade – that has the potential to disrupt the $158 billion and growing industry by becoming the next “Ring” of doorbells or “Nest” of thermostats.. 

We’ve all heard of the big buyouts such as these in the home automation space, although most of us had no shot at being part of any of these.  This opportunity is different because investors at all levels can get a piece of this pie. 

RYSE is currently offering investors an opportunity to take part in a pre-IPO offering at $1.00 per share in its Community Round – Series A. Key milestones in this round include scaling into Retail and B2B channels, including Big Box retailers as Trung hinted at in his recent interview Jeff Bishop (CEO of Raging Bull) and Chris Graebe (Managing Editor of Boardroom Investing) which can be seen HERE.



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